Vocational Case Management

Why Vocational Case Management?

Vocational Case Management is a process that enables a person with disabling health conditions to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to regular employment and/or other gainful occupations. A vocational case manager identifies vocational alternatives within an individual’s current skill and ability levels. Vocational services are an especially effective tool in returning injured workers to both modified duty jobs with their pre-injury employer, as well as new jobs with new employers.

What We  Do?

Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote patient safety, quality of care and cost-effective outcomes.

What makes us different


Vocational Assessment

The first step of the process of vocational case management is vocational assessment. This entails a detailed analysis of the alternative jobs or occupations that an individual is qualified for and is able to perform based on their current skills within their physical, psychological and emotional capacity.


Planning and Execution

After obtaining all the necessary information mentioned above, our case managers will develop a proper return-to-work plan and work collaboratively with the injured claimant to execute the plan. Fresh job leads are provided on a regular basis until the worker successfully returns to the workforce.


Securing Employment

We ensure that our clients achieve their final goal of returning to gainful employment and autonomy. Through proactive intervention and a holistic approach, we help you achieve reductions in wage loss replacement. Our team will also assist the injured worker with claims resolution.

The vocational services we provide:

  1. 1
    Job Seeking Skills Training
  2. 2
    Transferable Skills Analysis
  3. 3
    Labor Market Survey
  4. 4
    Resume Development
  5. 5
    Vocational Testing
  6. 6
    Identification of Alternative Duty
  7. 7
    Job Analysis
  8. 8
    Interviewing Skills Training
  9. 9
    Loss of Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations                  
  10. 10
    Individualized Rehabilitation Plan

Other Services We Provide

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Our Values



Our case managers sift through the array of resources, select the most appropriate path, and then we coordinate the expertise and support of other professionals, family, employers and other providers to facilitate the services medically required for your health needs.


Problem Solver

 We use a combination of perception, planning, active-listening, empathy and compassion to utilize resources to prevent roadblocks that may hinder you from receiving care.



Our case managers come from a diverse educational and clinical background in nursing or other related health field in order to provide our clients the knowledge and understanding of their care in order to prevent health complications.


Physician Collaboration

Case Managers believe that close communication with the physicians and other health care providers is key to a successful plan of care.

Customer stories

Erica B

Erica B.

Huron Case Management and Sonia really advocates for the client and make sure they receive top-notch care!

Kalif D

Davis K.

My case manager has been on top of all my appointments and needs hands down. She has exceeded my expectations in all aspects, and I consider myself lucky to have tammy on my team.
 King L

King L.

This team is very professional and goes out of their way to help their clients. I was blown away by their attentiveness and follow-up on – even the nominal details.
 amanda h

Amanda H.

Huron Case Management will support and guide you through during your case. Sonia is so helpful and knowledgeable.

Robert S

Martin T. 

Our assigned Manager was Tammy. She provided us with all the help that we needed from the start of our case until now. We had several obstacles with our case but Tammy and the entire staff were there to get the answers and treatment that we needed. Tammy went above and beyond to help us. Often working for us way past work time. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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