The Role of OT in Home Modification Coordination and Facilitation in Michigan

Home Modification Coordination and Facilitation in Michigan

In Michigan, OT or Occupational Therapy offers clients the tools for optimizing their home ambiance about individual capacities and facilitate complete participation in regular life activities. Since the population of older adults increases continuously, home modification coordination and facilitation in Michigan play a major role in allowing people to stay in a place or house of their preference. Moreover, home modifications are also advantageous for clients of every age with cognitive disorders, sensory or movement breakage, health conditions by supporting the functionality of preferred and required daily activities (occupations), wellbeing, and safety.

What are Home Modifications?

Case Management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an Home modifications are transformations made for accommodating living places to grow safety, usage, independence, and security. The home modification procedure incorporates assessing requirements, recognizing and applying solutions, training, and measuring results that contribute to the process. The outcomes of this procedure may be suggestions for adjustments, alterations, or additions to the home ambiance through the utilization of tailored, specialized, universally design, or off-the-shelf technologies, hardware controls and cues, high-or low-tech devices, products, furnishings, and finishes, and other features that impact the structure and layout of the house.and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote patient safety, quality of care and cost-effective outcomes.

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Home Modification

OT plays a fundamental role in recognizing methods that allow people to adjust their houses, hence increasing their capacity for participating in regular activities or tasks.

OT experts are trained at identifying how the home ambiance impacts the capacity of performing preferred occupations. An OT specialist assesses coordination, balance, safety awareness, endurance, attention, strength, vision, problem-solving, communication, and other functions whereas the person performs regular tasks.

Alongside someone’s performance capacities, occupational therapists also assess the home ambiance for recognizing barriers to functionality. They also check the home aspects that may need changes for facilitating performance. As part of this assessment, OT experts measure how individuals interact with the ambiance for completing a job. Through this procedure, intervention methods and modifications are chosen for enhancing the match between these components, with an objective of increasing independence and safety in the house.

OT services can be offered directly to clients who encounter a decrease in independence or safety or plan for further requirements.

OT practitioners offer client-centric intervention to adjust to the ambiance for increasing independence, preventing further injury or decline, and promoting health. One method to lessen the incidence of falls is to get an environmental evaluation and suggestions for modifications done by an OT expert. In such a situation, an OT expert can observe and assess all occupations happening around and at the home, from daily living activities to daily living instrumental activities to leisure and/or play activities. Depending on that assessment, suggestions are made for client training or modifications for promoting safety at home.

In Michigan, home modification services are available in several places, like community agencies or rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, hospitals, clinics, or through private practice. OT specialists offer a worthy perspective to a team of experts, the client, and caregivers during the process of home modification coordination and facilitation in Michigan.

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